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Social Security & Disability

When you become disabled, your life as you know it ceases to exist. You must relearn how to live life with your disability, and this process is far from easy. Your disability may cause you to be unable to walk, unable to eat or perform other routine day-to-day tasks, and it most likely has either altered your ability to work or even eliminated it all together. Additionally, you’re facing extensive medical bills and ongoing medical costs, leaving you financially drained and frustrated. Becoming disabled is one of the most frightening and devastating experiences a family can go through.

This is why obtaining social security and disability benefits is so important when you become disabled. Often, the process to get approved for these benefits is lengthy, and many people get denied on the first try. In order to have your best chance at receiving disability benefits and social security payments in a timely fashion, you need to have a seasoned, skilled attorney on your side.

I can help you navigate through the process of applying for social security and disability, and I will advocate for your right to be awarded with the benefits you deserve. I have successfully worked with a number of clients on social security and disability cases, and can bring my experience to the table in your case.

You don’t have to let the financial, physical and emotional costs of disability overwhelm you or your loved ones. Call me today for a consultation.

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