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When you and your ex-spouse reach an agreement on child custody, child support and other issues in your divorce, those agreements become legally binding. Failure to comply by the terms outlined in such agreements could cause you to be penalized harshly with fines or even jail time, depending on the circumstances surrounding the issue at hand. However, the terms decided on in an agreement may no longer work for a changing family, or an older agreement may no longer be applicable to current circumstances. But without a legal modification to these agreements, you could face penalties if you do not abide by them.

As an experienced Biloxi family law attorney, I can assist you with petitioning the court to modify an agreement in your divorce case. Whether you are seeking a modification of child support, child custody, visitation, alimony/spousal support or even petitioning the court for the relocation of your child, I have the skills and experience necessary to help you. I understand that you want nothing but what is best for your loved ones and yourself, and I will fight for the terms of your agreement to be modified in your favor.

When a court order no longer serves the best interests of yourself or your family, it is important to go through the correct channels to have it changed instead of choosing to simply ignore the terms of the agreement. I can assist you in filling out all required paperwork for a modification request, and will walk you through the modification process step by step.

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