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If you are charged with a misdemeanor crime, you may be unsure of what your next step should be. You may consider a misdemeanor to be a petty crime and not worth hiring an attorney over, but rest assured that even the penalties for misdemeanor crimes are harsh if you are found guilty. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, you could face incarceration in a county jail, thousands of dollars worth of fines, community service, mandatory counseling, driver’s license suspension and a permanent criminal record.

The most important thing you must do following being charged with a crime is to contact a qualified Biloxi criminal defense attorney as soon as possible – even before you speak to police. Law enforcement will often intimidate you to make you think you are required to provide information about the crime, but this is not true. You have a right to speak to an attorney as soon as you are arrested and charged with a crime.

My goal as a criminal defense lawyer in Biloxi is to see that each and every one of my clients has a fair trial, no matter what crime they were accused of. I will investigate your case and determine what evidence can be used to build a solid defense, as well as work to suppress evidence that supports the prosecution’s case against you.

You don’t have let being accused of a misdemeanor destroy your life and everything you’ve worked hard for. Call me today for a consultation to discuss your case.

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