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Being threatened with the foreclosure of your home is a frightening experience. What will happen if you lose your home? Where will you go? How can you afford to move when you were having trouble making your mortgage payments in the first place?

Fortunately, many things can be done about the threat of foreclosure before you are ever forced to leave your home and before your home is turned over to the bank. There are a number of successful foreclosure defense strategies, such as proving that the bank does not have ownership of the mortgage and cannot legally foreclose on your home. This often happens when debt is sold from one creditor to another and the paper trail is not completed according to specific standards. As an experienced Biloxi foreclosure attorney, I will investigate your case to determine the best avenue of defense and will fight for you to keep your home.

I will work with you to delay the foreclosure of your home in order for you to have time to gather necessary funds. Additionally, I can work with you regarding your finances, and can help you set up a plan that will keep the threat of foreclosure at bay permanently. Your home is where your heart is, and it is your most important asset. My goal is to help you protect it in every way possible.

You don’t have to let the threat of foreclosure overwhelm you, and you don’t have to be passive while the bank repossesses your home. You can fight back. Call me today for a consultation to discuss foreclosure.


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