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The idea of filing for bankruptcy is terrifying for most people. In the past, filing for bankruptcy meant conceding defeat, admitting that you didn’t have money to pay your bills and that a black mark would remain on your credit report for the rest of your life. However, in a changing economy, many people have sought the benefits that bankruptcy has to offer. No longer is there a social stigma against declaring bankruptcy. With many Americans being uninsured or underinsured, medical bills can pile up in addition to mortgages, utilities and other day to day living expenses. In today’s economy where many people still make minimum wage or slightly over, it’s not difficult to rack up expenses and bills that you are unable to pay for.

Although filing for bankruptcy can be done on your own, filling out bankruptcy paperwork isn’t an easy process. You need an experienced Biloxi bankruptcy attorney to assist you with the process, not only to ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly, but to ensure that you are filing for the right type of bankruptcy and listing your assets in a way that will afford you as many exemptions as possible. How you file for bankruptcy and how you list your assets is crucial to having a successful bankruptcy case and being able to start over fresh financially.

You don’t have to let your finances and debts overwhelm you. Call me today for a consultation to how bankruptcy can benefit you and your family.


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